From time to time, the Blockchain Commons is called upon to testify about blockchain technology before local, state, and federal agencies who are making decisions and laws regarding the future of these technologies. This repo contains any such testimony that is public.

Additional Information

Number Date Topics Agency Testimony
BTC‑2023‑001 2/15/23. Blockchain Opportunities for Small Business Administration. USA GAO Christopher Allen
BTC‑2022‑003 11/18/22. WRDAs. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2022‑002 9/19/22. Private Key Protections, WRDAs. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2022‑001 6/14/22. E-Residency, Private Key Protections, WRDAs. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑006 12/9/21. E-Residency. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑005 12/3/21. Digital Transformation of the State. Buenos Aires Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑004 10/22/21. DAOs. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑003 9/21/21. Digital Identity, DAOs, E-Residency. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑002 5/27/21. Digital Identity, DAOs, Open Courseware. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2021‑001 2/7/21. HB 1268 & HCR 3024 (Banking & Finances). North Dakota Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑007 12/16/20. Digital Identity, DAOs, Private Key Protection, Sim Card Identity Protection, Data Trusts, Division of Banking. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑006 11/2/20. Digital Identity, DAOs, Private Key Protection, Sim Card Identity Protection. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑005 9/23/20. Digital Identity, DAOs, KYC. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑004 7/27/20. Digital Identity, DAOs. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑003 6/12/20. Digital Identity. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑002 5/22/20. Progress on 2019-HB0070; Digital Asset Property & Custody. Wyoming Christopher Allen
BTC‑2020‑001 5/5/20. Verifiable Credentials & Medical Test Results California Christopher Allen
BTC‑2018‑001 9/19/18. Engaging on Fund Innovation & Cryptocurrency-related Holdings. USA SEC Christopher Allen